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Curt “Pepe” Webbe

DSC00100 copyCurt grew up with thirst for travel and adventure. Growing up in Colorado where he was exposed to the Rocky Mountains at a very early age through his family’s numerous camping, hunting and fishing trips. He has a deep and natural love and connection for Pachamama and feels most at home in her.

In high school, Curt developed a love for history and archeology with his fascination of the Minoan civilization of Crete in the Mediterranean. Curt furthered his studies in archeology and history at Fort Lewis College in Durango,Colorado, majoring in archeology and history, with an emphasis in northern plains

Early adventurer in the northern Yucatan and Meso-American archeology. Curt’s life has been heavily influenced by the history and spirit of the Southwest United States. Curt’s interest in indigenous cultures deepened when he wrote a post-processional analysis of northern plains medicine wheels for his senior dissertation. After college Curt travelled more than 7500 miles in Mexico studying the culture, history and archeology of Meso-America. On his travels he almost always took his soft cover copy of Joeseph Campbell’s “Power of Myth,” for inspiration. While in Mexico he was given the name “Pepe,” by his fellow archeology students because most Mexicans had a difficult time saying his name “Curt.”

R1-05367-000AProfessionally, Curt was a teacher and coach in secondary education for over 20 years. For the first half of his career he primarily taught science and social studies, but after earning a M.Ed. degree in technology integration, he taught engineering and computers. Curt has a natural love of teaching and his many years of experience has provided him with a great understanding of how to lead and teach in adverse and challenging situations.

Starting in 2008, Curt faced a series of personal setbacks including the death of a parent, the suicide of a sibling, and the failure of his troubled marriage. Traditional western medicines and therapies were insufficient to address Curt’s emotional trauma.

IMG_1859In the spring of 2013, Curt’s research into the healing properties of traditional Peruvian plant medicines culminated in a solo trip that would change his life. He travelled to Iquitos, Peru then to Cusco, Peru where he discovered the healing and light of Wachuma. This experience changed the course of his life and charged him with spreading the news of  true healing and enlightenment.

Asiana Harper

AsianaMassage therapist, yoga instructor and spirit guide, Asiana provides much of the feminine energy and guidance for our expeditions.  Asiana studied at the Ayurvedic Institute and the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she received her certifications, including Ayurvedic Lifestyle consulting and Natural Therapeutics.

Recent travels throughout India, Thailand, and Southeast Asia afforded opportunities to study Thai massage and gain a deeper understanding of the technology available to us through meditation andasiana in SE asia yoga.

Asiana leads daily yoga and meditation opportunities for expedition members as well as movement guidance while in ceremony.  Asiana also holds space daily for the intention and reflection circles for our expeditions giving a balance, harmony and grounding for our groups.  She is an amazing asset to our team and we are honored to have her help guide our inner and outer journeys.

Simon Myburgh

simonSimon is the general manager at Another Planet Peru, experience tour guide, and healer. Simon moved to Cusco in 1997 with his mother Lesley and his twin brother Mark.  Guided by their mother’s vision, they co-created the Mountain Sanctuary, Andean Wings Boutique Hotel, and the Casa de la Gringas Hostel. Simon is a dynamic and loving soul that takes great pride in guiding, teaching and healing his guests through patience and insight. His knowledge and passion for Cusco and the the peace and serenity of the Q’ero way will help to transform you through grown and healing.


Lesley Myburgh

LesleyKnown in the Plant Medicine communities as “La Gringa,” Lesley’s dedication to working with the Spirit of San Pedro, and her openness to guidance in the development of a new tradition combining the energies of the contemporary world with the wisdom of ancient cultures, have earned Lesley the respect of these communities. Lesley has been interviewed by many journalists, and also has been noted in “San Pedro and Snow White” by Simon Rali. Lesley works with numerous well-known healers and shamans from many countries, including Ross Heaven of The Four Gates, Credo Mutwa – Spiritual leader of the Zulu nation, David Wolf – the Raw Food Guru, Lee Carroll, channeler for Kryon, and Rebecca Astara of Eden Retreats, among others.

Luis Quispe, Q’ero Paq’o

Luis 6 copyLuis Quispe is a Q’ero Paq’o or shaman from the Q’ero tribe that has lived high in the Andes for over 500 years. Luis’s grandfather, who was a famous and revered Paq’o, has passed on his knowledge, wisdom and spirit to Luis so that he may continue spreading the Q’ero message and ways. The Q’ero have a unique method of cleansing one’s energy bodies of all negativity. Known as Limpieza, the Q’ero have developed this method over thousands of years, and incorporate palo santo smoke (a peruvian sacred wood), coca leaves, condor feathers and other traditional ingredients, along with special Quechua prayers. Luis will be holding space for our group while in ceremony and upon entering the sacred sites that we will visit. You will almost immediately feel Luis’s gentle and nourishing soul when you are working with him and when you are in his presence.

Mark Myburgh

Mark MyburghMark is the assistant manager and sales manager at Another Planet Peru Travel and Simon’s twin brother.  Mark is an experienced tour guide and helps hold space in ceremonies.  Mark recent education ranges from training at the Kabbalah Centre International in Lima to the Southern African Bible college.  Mark’s amazing energy and warm heart insures that our expedition members are well taken care of at all times.


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