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Transforming consciousness through the alchemy of science, spirit and reciprocity

DSC00787At Sacred Valley Expeditions,  we want to help change the world one expedition at a time.  We move beyond eco-travel, we move beyond adventure travel, we embrace Visionary Travel. Visionary travel is an outer and inner journey that heals, transforms and allows those who are ready for it, and experience it , a vehicle to grow and thrive through their sacred journeys.  We strive to meld the alchemy of science, spirit and Ayni (reciprocity in Quechuan) in a measured experience that will shake your mind and touch your heart.   Our expeditions are like no other travel experience on the planet, as we strive to take our inner journeys, inner experiences and integrate those into shifting our personal models of the world we live in for a larger awareness of each other, our communities and our planet.

July 12-25, 2015 Expedition 2 -The Sacred Road to Choquequirao

travel-to-choquequiraoIt’s ON!!

Slated for July 12-25 of 2015, Expedition 2 will be highlighting a powerful and sacred journey to the sister cities of Machu Picchu and Choquequirao.  Choquequirao, “The Cradle of God”,  is only about 30 kilometers from Machu Picchu, however currently there are no roads into the site and is only accessible by a two day trail hike.  Thus typically only a handful of people visit the site daily allowing one to really appreciate the power and magic of this monumental Inca city.  Moreover, while we are at Choquequirao we will conducting a full day San Pedro ceremony thus further activating the sacred powers of this special site.

Time is running out

The Peruvian government has plans to install an aerial tramway from the nearest road designed to transport visitors to the city in as little as 15 minutes.  Tramway construction is slated to tentatively begin in 2016 and after it is completed it is estimated that thousands of visitors will journey to the site yearly.  Thus, if one wants a tranquil and unfettered experience of Choquequirao we will have to hurry as time is running short to access this site without the huge crowds that Machu Picchu experiences.  Please visit our Choquequirao itinerary page for prices and for more details on this special expedition.


Give Back

Finally, each expedition that we embark on includes a chance to give back to the indigenous communities of Cusco and the Sacred Valley in direct Ayni (reciprocity in Quechuan).  We will visit and participate in direct action reciprocity to our local community partners or charitable partners in either Cusco or the Sacred Valley providing much needed assistance to the lives of the peoples that make Peru and the Andes so special and sacred.


Ayni or Resiprocity on Expedition 1

During our Expedition 1 our team visited and assisted with donations and supplies to the Ninos del Sol orphanage in Urubamba.  This very moving experience touched deeply everyone on our expedition team and we have intensions to continues our partnership with Ninos del Sol in future retreats and expeditions.  Also during Expedition 1, we worked with the Revivolution Network in constructing a dry composting toilet for a Q’eros family in Cusco.  This act of direct Ayni greatly improved the conditions of our cooperative Q’eros family with basic sanitation that so many poor indigenous families lack in the area.

IMG_3211On Expedition 2 we will be offering an extension to our main expedition that will have our team continuing our work building dry composting toilets for needy Q’eros families in Cusco.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Revivolution Network to make this a reality.  So please, if you value reciprocity as much as we do consider adding our optional extension to your sacred journey to Choquequirao.

Meet our SVE Team

Simon and MarkPepe and LuisGuiding expedition members to visionary experiences and transformations necessitates a extraordinary team of guides with the knowledge and experience in very diverse areas.  Our guides cover a wide spectra of expertise from archeology, anthropology, history, teaching, yoga, meditation, shamanism, and transformative energy work.  Our vision and mission at SVE is broad and our team expresses a full spectrum of experience and knowledge to help you achieve your inner and outer transformation so that you may thrive.

AsianaLesley-MPlease visit our Meet Your SVE Guides page for more detail on our qualification and experiences.  Curt, Luis, Asiana, Lesley, Simon and Mark look forward to hosting and guiding you on your  journey to the  Peruvian Andes.

Customized Travel to Cusco and the Sacred Valley

01-300x198Even if you can’t make it to one our special and unique group expeditions, you can still enjoy an experience in Cusco and the Sacred Valley through our travel agency partner, Another Planet Peru.  Pick your dates, activities and level of comfort and Simon Myburgh of Another Planet Peru can customize a special itinerary for an individual, couple or even small group.  Stay either at the beautiful boutique hotel Andean Wings or at the unique, funky hostel Casa de la Gringa.  Either way, Simon and his team will provide you with a unforgettable, customized,  experience that you will not soon forget.

Another Planet Peru

Contact Simon Myburgh

Telephone: (+51) 084 241168

 Interview with Q’ero Shaman apprentice above Cusco

We were able to have a brief interview with Danny, a Q’ero Shaman apprentice , while he was holding a Wachuma ceremony at the Mountain House above Cusco in Peru.  Danny proved to be a great interview with his humble nature and knowledge of shamanism.  I left the interview fairly uncut as I wanted to capture Danny’s essence and peaceful demeanor.  Lara and I were both spellbound and in awe during and after the interview and hopefully that comes through in the film.

Journey to the Lost City of the Inca – Machu Picchu HD

Join SVE travel host, Lara Van Liere, as she journeys to the lost city of the Inca, Machu Picchu. Get a taste of a day trip experience by train and by bus up to the city in the clouds. Stunning visuals and narration give you a sense
of the physical and energetic drama of Machu Picchu. More than just a check off the bucket list, but medicine for the soul, Machu Picchu is a must for any visionary traveler.


San Pedro and Sacred Knowledge; Eric’s Journey Part I

Visionary travel with SVE is not your normal trip but and learning and healing experience.  By taking deep journeys within ourselves, we understand our weaknesses and the wounds that may have plagued us for much of our lives.  It enables us to heal, transform and thrive with a new path set to bringing harmony to ourselves and the world.

In a recent interview with “Eric” , who experienced and transformed through visionary travel, he relays how his work above Cusco has changed his life forever.

San Pedro and Sacred Knowledge; Eric’s Journey Part II

Engage the Essential

IMG_1723But you’ll experience more than just willka yachay (sacred knowledge) and breathtaking experiences when you travel with Sacred Valley Expeditions. Your journey will include access to rejuvenating massage and body work professionals, group or individual journaling, daily guided reflections, and participation in a community project to give back to the people of the Andes.

Sacred Valley Expeditions will provide unparalleled support and education on your journey of healing and exploration, with the exclusive access and insight of our team of guides, healers, anthropologists, archeologists and Paq’o “shaman”.

Please use our convenient contact form for more information, pricing, and terms and conditions, or call us at 970-445-8115.

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